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Our Kennels

Our Kennels & Whelping Building

Our puppies are raised in a safe, heated & cooled indoor room with doggy-door access to a raised deck outdoors when they are old enough to begin their adventures.

We have cameras in every whelping area that we can access from anywhere so that we can always be monitoring our babies.

Our climate controlled whelping building.

Our indoor whelping rooms are a spacious 7’ x 8’ each.

My amazing husband built us some fantastic whelping boxes! They have attached "potty" boxes to put newspapers in when the pups start moving around, before they are old enough to make their way out the doggy door. They are made with PVC boards so they are easy to wash and keep sanitary. He also built it with tracks on the walls so that I can easily remove any sides as needed.

Our kennels and part of our fenced exercise yard! Our dogs each get their own 5' x 15' kennel on a raised deck. We simply open up their kennel doors and let them into their exercise yard to run and play together multiple times during the day. They all know which kennel is their own and happily go to "bed" whenever we aren't able to be there with them. They love having their own personal space to relax and chew on their Nylabones!

A sweet friend made us some vinyl decals for our whelping building door! It turned out too cute!! Thank you so much Harley!

We are in the process of building a new house, so new and improved kennels will be in the process soon as well!