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Hey there everyone!
It is with great sadness that we inform you all that we will no longer be raising Siberian Huskies here at Frostborn Farms. We love our Huskies so very much, but at this point in our lives, breeding them has just become too much for us. Owning a few Huskies as pets is one thing, but caring for an entire pack and raising litters is extremely labor intensive and time-consuming. It’s just becoming too difficult for us to keep up and give all of our sweet babies the lives they deserve. We will never stop loving Siberian Huskies and helping any in need, we just won’t be raising them anymore. We aren’t going away completely, if you love adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels then keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page! (Complete opposite of Huskies, we know. Lol. ) Our sweet Cavaliers simply fit our lifestyle better and aren’t as physically demanding as our darling Huskies.
On a more positive note, we are helping some wonderful friends in Chattanooga, TN get started with raising Siberian Huskies! In fact, they will be carrying on with some of our darling Frostborn Huskies! We will definitely post an update here on our Website and on our Facebook page with their website and information when they get everything set up!
P.S. This does not mean we will be disappearing from our current Husky owners lives! We will still want all of the updates! We still love all the Husky babies we have brought into the world and we will always be here for our Frostborn Family!


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